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FFP2 UNIWEB Protective Respirator
FFP2 UNIWEB Protective Respirator

FFP2 UNIWEB Protective Respirator

This product is designed to fit facial contour with tight fit and little leak around the respirator edge.
This product is developed by Universal Incorporation in the corporation with a laboratory in the US having high filtration efficiency at low breathing resistance.
The integrity of the respirator is maintained without collapsing during inhalation by the special structure of the material.
Therefore, the breathability is not altered when inhaling, talking, or head moving.
  • Model no.:UN95-S
  • Type: 3D shape with ear loop or head straps
  • Function:Prevent of spit infection and block bacteria.
  • Protection Effects:Bacteria Filtration Efficiency > 99%.
                       Sub-micron Filtration Efficiency of Sodium chloride test≧ 94%
                       Filtration Efficiency of Paraffin oil test ≧ 94%
  • Materials:Non-woven Fabrics
    The outside layer and the inside layer of the respirator are made of hydrophobic material while the outside layer is made such that to block liquid or large droplets. The middle layer of this respirator is made of advanced electrostatically-charged microfibers that contribute to the high filtration efficiency while the charges are retained for a lengthy period of time.
  • Certificate No.: 0598/PPE/21/2469
  • Certified to EN 149:2001+ A1:2009
  • ISO 9001 & ISO 13485 Certification/ Made in Taiwan
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