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UNIWEB Medical Face Mask
UNIWEB Medical Face Mask

UNIWEB Medical Face Mask

  • Type:Flat ear loop Face Mask
  • Function:Prevent of spit infection, bacteria & dust effectively.
  • Protection Effects: Filtration Efficiency is over 99%. ( SGS Test Report )
  • Materials: Non-woven Fabrics
    Outer layer: Water Repellency, prevent penetration of vapor & mist.
    Filter layer: Micro fiber, filter fine dust and bacteria
    Inner layer: Soft, comfort, cloth-like
  • Registration No.:DOH-MD-(I)No.002548.
  • ISO 9001 & ISO 13485 Certificate/ Made in Taiwan
  • CNS 14774
  • Become one of biggest Medical Face Mask supplier of CDC (Centers for Disease Control) in Taiwan.
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